"I feel so lucky to have found Amanda. I can finally say that I am done agonizing over my website!

Amanda worked with me to ensure that I was happy with the end result. She took the time to hear and understand my likes and dislikes, what my taste was, and helped guide me in decision making when I felt stuck.  Her creativity and eye for design and attention to SEO was exactly what I needed and what resulted was a beautiful website that I feel really good about directing people to and people finding me." 


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My experience with Mandy has been nothing but exceptional!!!

There is no doubt that she is talented, she knows her stuff, and she is an admirable teacher with tremendous patience. She listened to my business vision and blossomed it into a stunning website! I can honestly say that Mandy took this project and went above and beyond my expectations!! 



"I'm so glad I worked with Amanda to help take my business up a notch! She was responsive, patient, enjoyable to work with, and committed to my project. I particularly appreciated how Amanda provided just the right balance of taking the lead and providing consultation advice. She was quite intuitive in the branding and overall design that really reflected me! I’m super proud of my new website.

My site was already generating significantly more traffic and resulted in a handful of new referrals in less than one month of launching. It is also bringing in the right kind of clients for me!




As a Coach myself, helping people get unstuck is what I do, but when it came to creating my own business and digital marketing pieces I was stuck, stuck, stuck! Amanda was a heaven sent and helped guide me to see the bigger picture. She made the task of creating my own business not daunting.

She continues to inspire and guide me in creating a business I love. She’s amazing. Do you have a dream, need helping achieve it, call Amanda! 



"The way in which Amanda is able to take something in plain text and bring it to life is incredible.

My company caters to advertising and creative agencies so our materials need to look exquisite. I feel a sense of confidence sending my clients materials that look beautiful. Amanda is a huge asset in our business and whether you’re looking to create an advertising strategy, social media strategy, a marketing brochure or a website, Amanda always comes through. My creative assets wouldn’t be where they are today with out her!


Amanda took the time to intimately understand the needs of our business.  She was brilliant at the design, creation, and implementation of our program.  We have seen results jump by 58% after a very successful launch.


Diligent, prompt, thorough, thoughtful, imaginative… that sums it up. Mandy has been exactly what our Social/PR/Marketing efforts required. If you want value/ROI and peace of mind, you’re in the right place. 


Amanda has worked with me on multiple design projects and the results we’ve achieved together have been nothing short of marvelous. One thing I like about Amanda is that she truly CARES. She cares about her client’s success as much as her own. Her attention to detail is impressive and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a designer and digital marketer with heart and vision.  You won’t be disappointed.  


Amanda is at the very top of my list of Marketers I’ve worked with. What I love about working with her is the time and care she takes in understanding, learning, and helping you clarify what your brand/biz is about. She then translates that into something that is way more than you had ever imagined it could be. She doesn’t just help you create or represent your brand, she elevates it to what it’s meant to be so that your offering can communicate its unique message and reach the people you’re meant to reach.