In other words...let's keep your calendar booked up with clients you most want to work with. This is where strategy comes in and is a key player in reaching those big business goals. You want to reach more people and book more clients. Strategy is what will set you apart and stand out.  In these sessions, I help you brainstorm ways to reach your marketing goals, then help you develop a plan to reach them + recommend tools to make it go faster and smoother.  We will work together to develop a strategic plan that connects with your goals.

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This is for you if you're getting started in your business and are ready to get your website created. Planning everything out and guiding you on the foundation will save you time and money in the long-run. 

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This is for you if you already have a an online presence and you want to know how you're doing. The main focus will be on your website, but if you have a blog, email marketing and social media those can be purchased as an add on.

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This is for you if you invested in a website launch and want to continue to market it and need help with the strategy and a clear plan on growing your audience and driving the right traffic to your website.