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Ever since I was a little girl, I was always trying to find a way to turn the things I loved (art, music, cooking) into a business opportunity. At an early age I was a budding solopreneur.

I knew that I was meant to do creative work, but like many creative people I was discouraged from doing something impractical. My bachelors degree is in Communications and my masters degree in Mass Communications. Every elective class I took was in art or psychology. I would get lost in the darkroom learning photo techniques and spent late hours throwing pottery. I couldn’t get creativity out of my system.

I have never stopped the creative learning process. 

I took many online courses and taught myself how to use the entire Adobe Creative Suite, have continued putting myself behind the lens and having fun with photography and push my edges often to do something new and creative every chance I get. I spent 14+ years working in Advertising and Marketing in account management, paid media and social media strategy. I loved that work as well and I pride myself on being a good balance of right brain, left brain thinking and have immersed myself in as much areas as I was able to in the world of digital marketing.

While working in the ad agency world I decided to create myself a side hustle and allow that to be my creative outlet while simultaneously helping businesses create success.

It wasn’t too long before I was creating websites and using my agency skills to also help those businesses with their social media strategy and content creation to help generate leads.  I decided that I'd help businesses that had passions that aligned with my own.  My creative work became an avenue for other creative, passionate, caring people to sell theirs. I have never felt so fulfilled or so aligned with my purpose.

My experience in the strategic side of advertising and marketing is an incredible asset to the creative side.

I already have all the skills to strategically use good creative work. My life-long passion for learning means that I can create beautiful brands and support my clients in advertising them in the constantly evolving world of digital marketing. I am the perfect fit for helping my clients stay true to themselves and connect deeply with their clients.

I am so grateful for every step that brought me to working with passionate, creative people.

I wake up each day and look into my daughter's eyes and understand that I was put on this earth to be more brave in both business and personal life each day and help others do the same. If you are a passionate entrepreneur or budding creative, then I’d encourage you to keep going for the things that make you feel alive. I’d love to be a part of creating your website, and helping you reach the people you most want to share your work and business with.