more about WHAT I DO AND WHY I DO IT

Ever since I was a little girl, I was always trying to find a way to turn the things I loved (art, music, caregiving, cooking) into a business opportunity. At an early age I was a budding entrepreneur.

I knew that I was meant to do creative work, but like many creative people I was discouraged from doing something impractical. My bachelors degree is in Communications and my masters degree in Mass Communications. Every elective class I took was in art or psychology. I would get lost in the darkroom learning photo techniques and spent late hours throwing pottery. I couldn’t get creativity out of my system.

I FINISHED school AND pursueD a career in Marketing and Advertising but I never stopped the creative learning process. 

I took many online courses and taught myself how to use the entire Adobe Creative Suite. I spent 13+ years working in project management, strategy, social media and media planning and buying. But I spent as much time as possible around the art directors and creative directors to not only learn from them, but to also collaborate with them to create amazing marketing/advertising campaigns that gave our clients results. I would be doing my left-brain work with the full Microsoft suite and advertising serving platforms while dreaming about the amazing, creative things that I could do if I just had the right opportunity.

Opportunity doesn’t always come in the form that you think it will. One day I was laid off from my advertising job and I realized that it was time to do the creative work I’d always wanted to do. I started doing freelance work and I turned those lemons into lemonade.

It wasn’t too long before I was creating websites, social media strategy and management and doing branding and design work for people whose passions aligned with mine. I worked with small shop agencies as a contractor and worked directly with businesses in personal growth, health, restaurants and psychology. I was approached by artists, therapists, coaches, yogis, and restaurant owners who asked me to help them sell their passion. My creative work became an avenue for other creative, passionate, caring people to sell theirs. I have never felt so fulfilled or so aligned with my purpose.

My experience in the strategic side of advertising and marketing is an incredible asset to the creative side. I already have all the skills to strategically use good creative work. My life-long passion for learning means that I can create beautiful brands and support my clients in advertising them in the constantly evolving world of digital marketing. I am the perfect fit for helping my clients stay true to themselves and connect deeply with their clients.

I took the long way to my creative ambitions. And maybe you did too. I'm sure there are many reasons why you are stalling at pursuing the work you are most passionate about. Sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith and do the work, overcome our doubt and fear and take risks. If there is a will there is a way, and that is something I have really embraced as a full time working single parent.

I am so grateful for every step and misstep that brought me to working with passionate, creative people. I wake up each day and look into my daughter's eyes and understand that I was put on this earth to be more brave in both business and personal life each day and help others do the same. If you are a passionate entrepreneur, caregiver, or budding creative, then I’d encourage you to keep going for the things that make you feel alive. I’d love to be a part of creating your brand, website, and helping you turn your dreams into your new life.